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Oct 17 2016

Marillion | Fuck Everything And Run (FEAR)

Marillion aren’t a band i follow on an obsessive basis as some ardent followers do and i will admit to cherry picking from their now not unsubstantial repertoire for the things that really appeal to me. The bands latest album FEAR or Fuck Everyone And Run to give the album it’s full title grabbed my …

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Sep 27 2016

Airbag | Disconnected

Airbag represent good advice once given to me that i never took. Having listened to sound-bites via the airwaves i was always suitably impressed though i totally forgot to follow up. Having recently received a batch of albums from Karisma Records based in Norway i spied the brand new album by none other than Airbag. …

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Sep 11 2016

Ray Wilson | Makes Me Think Of Home

Ray Wilson known to many  Prog fans as the singer on the Genesis album Calling All Stations seems to be having a productive year creatively with the release on October 7th of his second album of 2016. Hot on the heels of his melancholy Song For A Friend album, Ray continues his life journey and …

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Sep 08 2016

The Pineapple Thief | Your Wilderness

The Pineapple Thief are one of those bands that have managed to elude me. That was however until their new album Your Wilderness Landed at Progmeister towers for review,  I found myself intrigued from the outset having taken the album from it’s jiffy bag along with another disc to find a beautifully presented album with …

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Aug 07 2016

Freedom To Glide | Fall

Freedom To Glide are the produce of a Pink Floyd tribute band (Dark Side Of The Wall) and consist of keyboard player Pete Riley and guitarist/singer Andy Nixon. This is the duo’s second album the first being as simply titled “Rain” . My review of Rain was a favourable one sighting that obvious influences were …

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Jul 08 2016

Anderson / Stolt | Invention Of Knowledge

From the outset having read the myriad of top quality musicians playing throughout this album i knew that i would be unable to lend my usual forensic appraisal of this rather special suite of goodies. My review here is based on the vinyl edition of the album which in my opinion seems to be the …

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Jun 27 2016

Steve Hackett | The Charisma Years 1975-1983 (vinyl Box Set)

Being as i am a chap with mixed views with regards to box sets i seem to have assembled quite a few of them. Numerous Pink Floyd, Genesis and Transatlantic vinyl box sets adorn the shelves of my cave that’s without the non Prog genre’s. So why when i already own the whole of the …

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Jun 17 2016

Andy Tillison | Durch

2015 was a very difficult year for Andy Tillison having suffered a heart attack and all that goes with it. However, being as determined as he is Andy set about writing and recording another album under his Diskdrive moniker. These albums are very personal and very much solo projects allowing Andy to indulge himself his …

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