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Nov 02 2016

Interview With Mog’s Phil Swinburne. A Ghost in the machine.

I was pleased to catch up with singer songwriter Phil Swinburne of Teesside band Mog recently. I had a chat with him about Astronauts & Ghosts the bands new album. But why in a church? Well, he is a Man Of God! It was strange sitting in that church as it will have been over …

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Dec 01 2013

Interview with drummer Paul Burgess

  I was recently fortunate enough to interview Ex 10cc and Camel drummer Paul Burgess. Paul has played with some top names over the years including Jethro Tull. Below is the link to Youtube were you can watch the interview conducted during an interlude whilst he was playing a gig in North Yorkshire. I hope …

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Jul 19 2011

In Conversation with IQ

  It was a very hot Saturday the day of IQ’s 30th anniversary gig at the The Assembly in Leamington Spa. I and big prog Al had traveled down from Teesside arriving early so that we could interview the band prior to them taking to the stage. As we were ushered through the waiting crowd …

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Apr 26 2011

Jeff Green in Conversation

  I recently had the pleasure of talking to one of the nicest human beings in the music business Jeff Green. I travelled north to Whitley Bay, braving my phobia of fog, where Jeff was playing with the Illegal Eagles. Jeff was there to greet me on my arrival and guide me backstage where the …

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Apr 07 2011

Tony Patterson Interview

Having listened extensively to Tony Patterson’s new EP “All The World” I thought I would track him down and see if I could press him on a few issues. Here’s what he had to say……
PM. Hi Tony, good to see y…

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Dec 24 2010

Nine Stones Close Interview

Following on from my recent review of Traces by Nine Stones Close I got in touch with Adrian Lee who is to all intense and purpose Nine Stones Close. Being kind enough to call me from the Netherlands one cold and bitter eve, here is what he had to s…

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Dec 14 2010

Guy Manning Interview

I am really pleased to announce that Guy Manning will be headlining at the forthcoming one day prog festival in Teesside next March. Here’s what he had to say when todders caught up with him recently.

1.Your new album “Charlestown” is …

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Jun 20 2010

John Young Interview

  In a recent conversation with my good friend Prog Al Peterson, the subject of progs nice people came up and those of whom we have met. I immediately recalled a Greenslade gig at The Newcastle Upon Tyne Opera House where after an amazing …

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