The Progmeister cut his teeth listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones etc, though he admits that in the sixties he was far happier listening to The Beach Boys and Manfred Mann. It was Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade Of Pale ” that got him hooked on the sound of a Hammond organ and from there he developed a penchant for blues and keyboard orientated jazz. When he first heard the sound of Dutch band “Focus” he was smitten and his musical taste steered more towards the avant-garde. A few years later he was played a copy of “Switched On Bach” by Walter (now Wendy) Carlos. And the rest as they say Is history. It was King Crimson and ELP that turned him onto what is now known as progressive rock. Like many other people of a certain age he has worked, played, survived family life and all it’s joy and tribulations.

He now find’s himself blessed with very musically talented offspring who keep the fire burning.

The Progmeister has been listening to and enjoying Progressive music since it’s inception as a young boy and nothing has changed. Now with the original prog exponents being 40 years on it is important to keep new and stalwarts artiste’s alike recognised and appreciated. With so many excellent resources and sites on the net at the moment The Progmeister maintains an independent view with reviews, opinions from a music lovers perception and not that funded by advertising and sponsorship revenue.

Based in the North East of England we pride ourselveson keeping Prog alive all over the world but especially on Teesside.

The Progmeister

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