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David K and Organic | Mr Passive Progressive

  Within certain genres of music if you aren’t one of the upper echelons then it is difficult in the present climate to make your mark. With what many know as Prog or Prog Rock it began with E.L.P.  Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and King Crimson. Their legacy continues with band like IQ, Marillion, Pendragon …

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The Tangent | Auto Reconnaissance

When one thinks of Progressive rock music one thinks of the seventies and fanciful tales of far off lands, of being close to the edge down by a river where confusion could well be your epitaph. It was easy to immerse your psyche in a Roger Dean landscape where dragons come out of the sky …

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Abel Ganz | The Life Of A Honeybee And Other Moments Of Clarity

Every once in a while something comes along that forces you to over use the volume of your favorite music device. One such thing is a new album The Life Of A Honeybee And Other Moments Of Clarity by Scottish band Abel Ganz. To think it was something I missed out on for a while …

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Pendragon | Love Over Fear

  I was one of the lucky punters who were on board with Pendragon from the get go. I remember buying the bands earlier albums via CD services up in Dundee including their EP’s, my favorite being Good As Gold/Paint box. I had the Toff Records flyers up until recently though sadly like so many …

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Ms Amy Birks | All That I Was & All That I Was

Let’s put this out there from the beginning shall we? Kate Bush fans form an orderly clue. For lovers of Kate’s work and style there is now once again a young and vibrant exponent of storytelling and musical theatrics. Ms Amy Birks first came to my attention as singer and song writer with the rather …

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Panoply | Transcript

Panoply is the name used by one time Quasar guitarist Kevin Fitzgerald to channel his multi layered compositions of both long and short form musical sketches. According to my copy of The Little Oxford dictionary Panoply means “full armour, complete or splendid array”. Indeed I can see why Kevin would use such a title as …

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Glorious Wolf | Zodiac

Glorious Wolf is the name under which guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Ruud Dielen records some interesting and beguiling music. Ruud contacted me some time ago informing me of an album he was working on and kindly sent me some tasters. So intriguing were they that I played them on my show on   . Hailing from …

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Gu-Ru | Hey Now People (single)

I have long held the view that as well as creating and listening to music of any genre should be a positive experience and that time whenever possible to have fun with it should be taken. Recently I have received news of three projects that have been recorded purely as fun and as a consequence …

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