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Tony Patterson

Tony Patterson

I am constantly surprised by Tony Patterson’s diverse approach to music. Being as he is immersed in the more progressive groove he has without doubt removed himself from what is normally expected of him and donned a different cap.  “All The World” a mini album described by Tony as an EP will is available as a download from his website or from iTunes from May 3rd.

The EP consists of five very high quality original compositions penned and recorded by Tony himself. The version sent to me for review included a radio edit of the title track and a rather dapper looking Tony Patterson in jpeg format should you wish to adorn a CD jewel case. Something which I think you may want to consider once you have these five pearls embedded in your synapse. This will fully allow the listener to appreciate the production and scale of the recording when listened back through a good hi-fi or even in the car.

As I warmed up the valves in my trusty Hi-Fi system I sat back and pressed play expecting something totally different to what came out of my speakers. I was swept away by the lush carpet of orchestra and soothing semi chant of “All The World”.  I was left thinking to myself, “where the hell did that come from”. Tony Patterson has certainly come of age with this variety pack of songs. These are songs that hang around in your head and you find yourself humming whist doing other things. No slow burn songs here. All are immediate, accessible and instantly likeable.

“Spiral” induced a Sergeant Pepper moment. Complete with treated vocal sounds and wheezy mellotron flute sounds, it really has that homely sixties feel to it. Tony captured a certain mood here which I thought was long gone in music of any genre. My personal favorite however has to be “Celebrate The Sun”. Easy to hear from this totally chill-out and feel good song that it’s creator has indulged himself and allowed another side of his talent to flow through in much the same way as other songs on this all too brief project has. All the normal comparisons I think we can safely take as read, however, I hear a lot of Morcheeba and Air in both “Celebrate the Sun” and “Mystic City”.

“Until The End” reveals Tony Patterson in romantic mode. Yes, romantic. This really has been written with someone very special in mind and utilizes the sumptuous timbral inflections of the orchestra. This song along with the title song gives more appeal to Tony Patterson’s music than the safe to assume predominately male aficionados. So to appease such an audience and ensure that there is something here for everyone There is a safe exit strategy in “Mystic City”.

This appropriate finale really does possess a set of cojones and serves all a reminder that the real Tony Patterson is still in the building and merely demonstrating other facets. Replete with cityscape sounds and haunting riffs it really is a compelling listen. I was shocked to find out that the download was only £3.99. A bargain when you consider a pint of Guinness is on average about £3.20 a pint and only lasts until the next expensive episode it makes you wonder what you are hesitating for? Do I have any criticism? Yes, I could easily have had another five of these quality pieces and still wanted more. I doth my cap good sir to five finely crafted songs all of which have a character all of their own. Hopefully this is but a taste of things to come.



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