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The Autumn of Prog.

As the chill of winter is beginning to make its presence felt and darkness descends upon the land, those of a certain age grow their hardy feathers and brave the cold evening air to pay homage to the gods of Prog who in their twilight years pedal their nostalgic wares with aplomb. Hey, I’m not …

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Innocence And Illusion | Amanda Lehmann

Rhythm guitarists always get a bad deal when it comes to recognition within the context of their contribution to most bands especially in a live setting. Least of all within the confines of progressive rock, a predominantly male orientated genre of music. So, imagine to my surprize well over ten years ago that gracing the …

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Allium Una Storia | Tillison Reingold Tiranti (TRT)

  Back in 1973 when I bought my copy of Brain Salad Surgery by Emerson Lake & Palmer I was intrigued by the information circulated at the time of it’s release with regards the bands own label, Manticore. Signed to their new venture was King Crimson adjunct Pete Sinfield, a Italian band called Banco and …

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New Hackett album immanent

    Hot on the heels of his classical-acoustic travelogue Under A Mediterranean Sky, which was released in January and hit Number 2 in the UK Classical Album Chart, Surrender of Silence is a further exploration of Hackett’s love of world music, discovering different sounds, moods and textures to deliver a rock album of extraordinary variety, power and beauty.  As with Under A Mediterranean …

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My Prog Pandemic.

In my last blog I discussed how the pandemic appears to have honed the production and creative skills of many musicians. Such an almost science fiction scenario in which we find ourselves living could only spell misery surely? Well, my own experience has been a very mixed bag and despite the whole world being in …

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The Covid leveller

  No, it’s not a song from the new Tangent album or a statement from Boris, just a personal observation of the current state of affairs in general, though more so in my beloved passion for music. This notion began last year whilst listening to Pendragon’s rather wonderful Love Over Fear album. It made me …

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Lifesigns | Altitude

Lifesigns are a band of musicians who over their first two albums gave the impression of evolving. Their first album I considered enjoyable the failed to give me the wow factor whilst the bands second album Cardington saw the band hitting their stride creating something rather special. Their third strike Altitude finds the unit of …

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If music be the spice of life…..

It will come as little surprise to those nearest and dearest that I am a dyed in the wool whisky lover. I mention this because I was once told by the head honcho of the Whisky club of Great Britain or some such institute that, and I quote “one should never drink a good malt …

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