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Lifesigns | Altitude

Lifesigns are a band of musicians who over their first two albums gave the impression of evolving. Their first album I considered enjoyable the failed to give me the wow factor whilst the bands second album Cardington saw the band hitting their stride creating something rather special. Their third strike Altitude finds the unit of …

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If music be the spice of life…..

It will come as little surprise to those nearest and dearest that I am a dyed in the wool whisky lover. I mention this because I was once told by the head honcho of the Whisky club of Great Britain or some such institute that, and I quote “one should never drink a good malt …

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Illuminae | Dark Horizons

Ian Jones may be thought of as the founding member and bassist with Welsh folk rockers Karnataka, however, this in my view is selling him a little short. Having recorded six albums with Karnataka Ian spearheaded a side project Chasing The Monsoon releasing the excellent No Ordinary World in 2019 and already colluding with Polish …

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Pandemic Prog

  So, as we enter the apocalypse of rising sea levels, melting ice caps, a global pandemic and a worldwide financial meltdown. Death, decay violence and murder high on the agenda both in reality and via media and home entertainment. Celebrities basking in their own importance and self-gratifying needs complete with bright white teeth and …

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Not so happy new year

2021 started pretty much as I expected it to following the none events that were Christmas and new year. Like many, the worry of severe financial problems in my case none pandemic related, the brake down of a family relationship and saddened by a family death I was already finding it very hard to stay …

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Can Dance A Little | Carrie Melbourne

Carrie Melbourne first come to my attention a few years back when I was given an album on which she was playing Chapman stick. Carrie’s husband Doug whom I have had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions is a fine keyboard player and features here as boards man and producer. Carrie Melbourne is …

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The Progmeister’s top ten albums of 2020

  To quote Austin Powers whilst commenting on the 1980’s, “There was a Flock Of Seagulls and that was about it”. With regards to live music and the dystopia brought about by the pandemic I would agree with him. However, what I have experienced is the rich musical diversity and talent that emerges from many …

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Reflection, the best medicine.

Trying times, we are living in brothers and sisters. Like everyone in the world I suffer the same uncertainties, worries and concerns imposed by this unseen foe and the management of it. Living through the financial difficulties whilst trying to filter out fact from conspiracy is certainly taking its toll. Unable to get elaborate dental …

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