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A time and a place.

As I spend my last few month in gainful employment as a health professional I have become quite reflective which is I suppose a sign that I may be getting a little older. As I think about music especially I began to realize how much in recent years I am reminded of certain pieces of …

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Fusion 5: Music without boundaries. | A great journey.

Steve Gould’s notorious Fusion festivals have been on my radar since their inception some years back. Logistics have weighed against me from the outset, though meeting Steve last year for the first time in the flesh as it were, we bonded instantly. It was then I knew I had to plan well in advance to …

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NEBO 14 The Blacksmiths story.

Nebo 14 held in the Blacksmiths Arms in Hartlepool was without doubt one of the best Nebo’s for a very long time. With a great turnout and some of the finest equipment assembled in one room it made for an excellent day. The staff at the Blacksmiths were excellent, very helpful and accommodating. A big …

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The Progmeister’s top 13 albums of 2023

As the world decays on a daily basis catapulting us rapidly towards the apocalypse I take solace in the quality of the music that enriched my life in 2023. Oddly enough it’s been some of the lesser known bands and artists that have really struck a chord or two with me this year. It has …

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The Progmeister’s Big Welsh Adventure.

As 2023 steams like an out of control, unmanned railway train an invite to escape the humdrum is very hard to resist. With this in mind I decided to accept few days away at a friends beautiful and very special home in deepest and secluded south Wales. Caron Jones and his lovely wife Fiona have …

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Steve Hackett vinyl releases | To Watch The Storms and Wild Orchid.

  Steve Hackett announces first ever vinyl release of ‘To Watch The Storms’ & ‘Wild Orchids’ 6th October 2023: Legendary guitarist Steve Hackett & InsideOutMusic will continue their reissue series with the first ever vinyl editions of his 2003 album ‘To Watch The Storms’ & the 2006 album ‘Wild Orchids’. Both will arrive on the …

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2023, a great year for music.

2023 has been a somewhat bizarre year thus far. The phrase life gets in the way is a phrase I seem to be using more and more as the years go by. As I steam ferociously towards my retirement I am constantly informed by friends and colleagues that I need to have a plan. This …

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Starlite And Campbell | Starlite.One

Every once in a while when least expected, something that really resonates on a musical level comes along. On the face of things at first impressions Starlite And Campbell look to be a couple you would expect to see playing the club circuit. To realize this is not so then you must really take the …

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