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HRH Prog a sad disappointment.

What i know about HRH Prog you could write on the back of a postage stamp. I remember with fondness attending one of their events in Sheffield a few years back using a one of their now infamous free tickets won by my good friend Johnny Blakey which for some strange reason you paid for. …

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The Progmeister in a world of his own.

Depressing times with the state of the economy and the war waged on Ukraine by Russia. 2022 is proving to be a real bummer in so many ways for so many people. I attended the funeral of a fiend and joined the legions of hip pain sufferers sleeping even less than I was a year …

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Dreaming David K | Dreams Of Progress

Dreams Of Progress is the second album by Dreaming David K arriving at Progmeister towers some weeks ago and received a fair bit of play before I set about reviewing it. A quick reminder for those who missed my review of the first album or those new to Dreaming David K the nucleus of the …

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The Tangent | Songs From The Hard Shoulder.

  I was with the Tangent from the get go all those years ago despite in a totally inappropriate way.  I was given the bands first album The Music That Died Alone By a then friend who to my horror had downloaded it from a site called Bit Torrent. I say horror because this is …

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The shrinking world of The Progmeister.

Talented? Hell no, good at anything? Well, I would have to think about that. I have struggled academically all my life one way or another. However, I was born with compassion, love and the want to be liked in my soul. It is a very frustrating thing indeed to lack the numerical prowess and mental …

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The Progmeister’s top 20 2021.

  As the terminal frost of 2021 bites at our windshields and attacks our fingers, toes and temperaments it makes it all the easier to say good bye to what has been a trial for many and a chance to make good for the few. In our own little Prog community and music in general …

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On a positive note

2021 has been a difficult year for so many people myself included. However, as the year creeks and groans like an old galleon towards its demise, I care to reflect on the more positive things that got me through perhaps one of the most difficult years I’ve had personally in recent times. I have also …

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RIP David Longdon

  Many years ago, I was sent a disc to listen to by a friend. I remember commenting at the time how much like Phil Collins the singer sounded. Fast forwards a couple of years having listened to the disc only once I was visiting Andy Tillison at his then home in Otley who played …

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