The Progmeister’s top 13 albums of 2023

As the world decays on a daily basis catapulting us rapidly towards the apocalypse I take solace in the quality of the music that enriched my life in 2023. Oddly enough it’s been some of the lesser known bands and artists that have really struck a chord or two with me this year. It has been a difficult year for many of us and those of us who do invest and immerse themselves in music will be grateful for the distraction and diversity of the many fabulous albums released this year. As always, a very happy Christmas and prosperous and peaceful new year from The Progmeister. Peace love and light to all.

1. I/o – Peter Gabriel

2. The Harmony Codex – Steven Wilson

3. Requiem For A Dream – Karnataka

4. Achilles And The Difference Engine – Swan Chorus

5. Making Shore – Damanek

6. Himlabacken Vol 2 – Moon Safari

7. Ingenious Devices – Big Big Train

8. Dominion – Zopp

9. Live In The Netherlands – Lifesigns

10. In Time – The Emerald Dawn

11. Doofa Darl – Balone

12. Starlite One – Starlite @ Campbell

13. Fire Fortellinger – Lars Fredrik Føislie

Christmas turkey’s…….

Crime scene – RPWL

Dark Side Of The Moon Redux – Roger Waters


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