September Show

OK, the stuff i play on my show is in my head is simply the best. I have no doubt we all feel thesame way? With this in mind i will this month venture more into the things that i love to hear and not just the requests and new music i am sent to review. So, the September show on Sunday 24th will be a little more self indulgent. Please don’t let that put you off as they may well be something in my eclectic taste that you like. I was tempted not to include any new music though the John Peel in me wouldn’t allow this. To this end i will be playing tracks from Gentle Knife an 11 piece band from Norway from their second album Clock Unwound and St Ives based The Emerald Dawn from their hot off the press album Visions. Good stuff, trust me!

As per usual some of the pieces i play will have you thinking what the f..k!! and some may even raise a smile. It’s all down to you hombre’s. If it’s raining, you can’t be arsed going out in the garden, doing DIY, are bored or merely doing household chores, crank up ones laptop, tablet or dog ‘n’ bone, find ARFM rock radio on Tinternet and tune in at 2pm through to 4pm. Not nearly long enough!!!!!


See ya down there 

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