Progmeister 2 – To Be Or Not To Be?



Sitting in The Moorings eatery the other day with Glacier bass specialist Bob Mulvey – the initial ideas for Progmeister 2 were discussed. Of course finding a suitable venue was high on the agenda now that the Studio has closed its doors. Numerous options are being considered and if anyone out there in Prog land has any suggestions please write in and let is know via our contact form.

We have already been contacted by numerous bands and artists wanting to play at Progmeister 2 and if all goes to plan it promises to be another exciting day. However, I am hoping that the lethargy induced by modern life styles doesn’t prevent people from attending. During our discussion Bob and I vented our frustration at what can be described as laziness inherent in many fans of good live music. The luxury of watching a concert DVD or streaming footage via your computer in the trappings of the home gives rise to such attitude.

It can be understood that the economic situation in the country has affected people’s ability to travel as fuel is not cheap or indeed beer, food and other such necessities when you get to a venue. Not to mention that we’re all not getting any younger. My view is that in comparison to a premiership football match ticket or indeed a concert ticket for one of the big name prog acts like Yes et al (God knows how much the tickets will be for Pink Floyd) It makes The Progmeister festival a very good proposition.

Progmeister 2 is many months away and in the very early planning stage and to assist in the decision making process with regard to bands and all of the logistics we would appreciate some feedback or suggestions. A lot of hard work goes into the organizing of such events and it is important not to break the law of diminishing returns. Therefore it is important to know if there is sufficient interest before setting out on such ventures.

On a different note, the news of possible Pink Floyd shows is what everyone wanted to hear and one of the best things that could happen to reaffirm to the masses that prog is still very much alive and kicking. It makes me proud to be British.


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