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Crisis? What crisis?

Strange days mate! A phrase I’ve heard a lot lately and said to me many times over the summer. Indeed, they are having been my stock reply. Difficult times for many people including myself and loved ones. Like many I spend too much time filtering conspiracy theory from what may be fact? I do have …

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David K and Organic | Mr Passive Progressive

  Within certain genres of music if you aren’t one of the upper echelons then it is difficult in the present climate to make your mark. With what many know as Prog or Prog Rock it began with E.L.P.  Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and King Crimson. Their legacy continues with band like IQ, Marillion, Pendragon …

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The Tangent | Auto Reconnaissance

When one thinks of Progressive rock music one thinks of the seventies and fanciful tales of far off lands, of being close to the edge down by a river where confusion could well be your epitaph. It was easy to immerse your psyche in a Roger Dean landscape where dragons come out of the sky …

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Prog Induced Reflection.

Music is a very powerful medium. It paints many colours bright and dark, white and grey. I discovered this whilst recently revisiting some classic Prog albums. Music in general holds the ability to chronical your life prompting memories of events, feelings and moods. It can lighten your day and/or make you reflect in a positive …

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Abel Ganz | The Life Of A Honeybee And Other Moments Of Clarity

Every once in a while something comes along that forces you to over use the volume of your favorite music device. One such thing is a new album The Life Of A Honeybee And Other Moments Of Clarity by Scottish band Abel Ganz. To think it was something I missed out on for a while …

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The Prog Community

  I write this on a day that I discovered a dear friend had lost his life to Covid 19. I dismay at the effects it is having on the world and the people in it. I like many others have witnessed both the best and the worse in our society.  There seems to be …

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Steve Hackett Royal Albert Vinyl

Steve Hackett’s “Genesis Revisited: Live at The Royal Albert Hall” to be released on vinyl and as 360 Reality Audio for the first time in June. Listen to a remastered version of ‘Dancing With The Moonlit Knight’!     5th June 2020: On June 12th, 2020, guitar legend Steve Hackett releases a remastered edition of …

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New Tangent album for August release.

The Tangent, the progressive rock group led by Andy Tillison are pleased to announce the release of their 11th studio album ‘Auto Reconnaissance’ with accompanying spectacular sleeve by long time collaborator Ed Unitsky. on the 21st August 2020. The follow-up to 2018’s ‘Proxy’, sees them continuing the band philosophy of celebrating the golden age of …

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