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Tribute to Anthony Phillips

For Immediate Release   Tribute Album & Shows To Original Genesis Guitarist Anthony Phillips By Rocking Horse Music Club Announced   Rocking Horse Music Club presents the music of Anthony Phillips feat. guest appearances by Steve Hackett, John Hackett, Nick Magnus, Kate St. John, John Helliwell & others!   Rocking Horse Music Club presents the …

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Flutatious | Festival

Ever heard a tune on the radio or at a friend’s house and thought “I’ve heard that tune before”? Well, such a thing happened to me recently when I heard a track from the new album by London based band Flutatious. Turns out I had already heard a couple of tracks on various samplers though …

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Nova Cascade | The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrow

  Nova Cascade are a relatively new band the nucleus of which is Dave Hillborne who kindly provided me with the album here for review. Dave’s cohorts on the album are Dave Fick on bass, Charlie Bramald / flute, David Anania / drums and last but certainly not least Eric Bouillette / violin and lead …

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NEBO 10 (The true cost of an Ikea table)

NEBO 10     July 27th 2019 found us celebrating the tenth NEBO (North East Bake Off) at The Wellington Inn in the village of Wolviston near Billingham Teesside. The second occasion we have held the event there. The room is hardly ideal for Hi-Fi having as it does a bouncy floor as straight as …

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Homage to the king.

What to do on a very rainy day in New York? Well for this boy there was no better way than pay homage to The King. Not Elvis Presley but the king of Prog, the late Keith Emerson. Keith’s famous Moog modular synthesiser and Hammond C3 organ have been on display at the Metropolitan Museum …

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Genesis Of The Progmeister Has Been A Revelation.

It’s been ten years now since I invented my alter ego The Progmeister. Blimey, ten years. Many things have happened in that time some great some not so great. Progressive Rock or “Prog” is a form of music I have enjoyed since childhood and as a consequence became incensed by comments made in a BBC …

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The Divide | Tony Patterson / Doug Melbourne

Multi-instrumentalist Tony Patterson and keyboard player Doug Melbourne first teamed up in 1998 when Tony joined Genesis tribute band Re-Genesis as the bands singer. The ensuing years found the band achieving cult status and having seen the band on numerous occasions I can understand why. Founder member Doug Melbourne whom I have witnessed playing some …

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GU-RU | Tales From The Ashram

On a recent visit to my usual record emporium i was spotted mid rummage by the owner and summoned to the counter. Knowing my particular penchants and playlist of my radio show he informed me of a band i needed to listen to as they are “Prog Psyche”. Yes, Prog Psyche. So as not to …

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