The Curator | Something Soon


The Curator - Something Soon

The Curator – Something Soon

Something soon is a dark and mysterious album by Alistair Murphy aka “The Curator”. Due to him working as the curator of a museum in Cromer. This isn’t an album that you would play at a soiree or indeed find uplifting. It seems to have Noel Coward quirkiness about it not unlike caravan or Quantum Jump’s “The Séance”. I found my time with my time with this album to be very mood driven.

Much of the quality pieces give the feel of improvisational and experimental. The downbeat dream sequences are very dark indeed in some cases totally contrasted by Steve Bingham’s chirpy violin and viola playing. The production quality on the whole is excellent.

I would council anyone looking for something a bit different to listen to, seek out a copy of Something Soon. I would advise however, that the more freeform pieces such as “Stuck In Traffic” and “On The Spanish Main” be listened to having first digested the more formal compositions.

There are some great vocal harmonies courtesy of a host of angelically voiced ladies including the very talented Judy Dible Julianne Regan and Lindsey Mackie. There are some eerie sax meanderings by Laurie A’Court and all underpinned by the solid bass lines ably executed by mark Fletcher.

Jazz meets prog! Alistair Murphy has succeeded in creating a neutral canvas for his talented cohorts and himself to paint upon. I can see King Crimson fans going for this album in a big way. Like many pieces of fine art it takes a little time to appreciate and given a little credence will reward with enjoyment and appreciation.

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