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Apr 25 2018

April’s show

Join me Steve Petch on ARFM Rock Radio this Sunday 29th April at 2pm -4pm. I will be playing music from Prog legends Camel, Keith Emerson, King Crimson and Marillion. New music from the boys up North Riversea, John Holden, the rather brilliant Adam Holzman and The Swan’s Chorus. All this and much more. For …

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Mar 14 2018

March Progcast

What a month eh? March 2018! Cut off by snow drifts and the handicap of driving a sports car had me and many more folks struggling to get to work and socialising.  In a month when we lose one of the greatest minds in the world Stephen Hawkin and from the world of entertainment Sir …

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Feb 21 2018

February Progcast

The weather forecast for Sunday 25th is cold and bleak. Why not get the Sunday lunch sided, put your feet up and listen to my show on ARFM Rock Radio at 2pm till 4pm. As well as celebrating Prog favourites from days of yore like Steve Hackett, Peter Gabriel and Yes, i will be playing …

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Jan 25 2018

January 2018 Progcast

First Progcast of 2018 happens on Sunday 28th January at 2pm – 4pm.  Running the gamut this month will be music from 1968 until yet unreleased debut album from Russian pianist Gleb Kolyadin and many periods in between. As well as the usual traditional Prog i will be spinning some jazz fusion pop and some …

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Dec 26 2017

Last Progcast of 2017

Join me on new years eve for a three hour show featuring a round up of the best albums of 2017.  The show starts at 1pm sharp through till 4pm on ARFM Rock Radio. Simply go to the ARFM home page and click on play. I will be playing some Prog classics too, to remind …

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Nov 20 2017

November Progcast Show

November’s Progcast show is all set for take off on Sunday 26th November in my usual slot between 2pm and 4pm. I will be playing music by Led Zeppelin, Mostly Autumn, E.L.P. Pink Floyd and of course Camel as well as some new tunes by Virgil & Steve Howe, Dave Kerzner, Todd Rundgren and Agusa. …

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Oct 17 2017

October show

  Ok ok ok, the last few shows have been different in extremes. August’s being the Proggiest ever and September’s being somewhat self indulgent. I enjoyed presenting both and i still managed to sneak a few new releases in both. October’s show contains some recently released music from the John Hackett Band, Lifesigns and big …

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Sep 20 2017

September Show

OK, the stuff i play on my show is in my head is simply the best. I have no doubt we all feel thesame way? With this in mind i will this month venture more into the things that i love to hear and not just the requests and new music i am sent to …

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