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Dec 17 2016

Christmas Progcast

It’s been a hell of a year for music and the arts in general losing so many wonderful legends. Indeed in the words of her majesty it has been an Annus Horriblus. With the most recent loss being Greg Lake it is fitting that we steer from our normal format of including new releases etc …

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Nov 22 2016

November’s Progcast

  Ladies and gentlemen, “welcome back my friends to the show that never ends”. Join me Steve Petch AKA The Progmeister on Sunday 27th of November for my November Progcast on ARFM Rock Radio. It starts at 2pm through till 4pm. I will be playing a couple of tracks from the new Yello album “TOY …

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Nov 16 2016

The Progmeister’s Progcast on ARFM Rock Radio

Oct 22 2016

October Progcast

Hello there Prog picker’s. Hope you will join me for my October Progcast on ARFM Rock Radio! I will be playing a couple of classic songs from E.L.P and Yes as well as a tracks from the new releases from Airbag and Marillion. Also on the show will be Big Big Train, Karnataka and much …

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Sep 01 2016


  To say that i am thrilled to bits is an understatement to announce that The Progmeister’s PROGCAST is now to be hosted by the very splendid ARFM rock radio. It has been my pleasure to listen to ARFM rock radio for many years so becoming part of the team there is for me an …

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Aug 29 2016

August Progcast

  Hi Girls and Boys   The august Progcast is now available on Mixcloud. For those who didn’t manage to catch it live on Nusakan radio on August 26th he is another chance. Please accept my apologies if you couldn’t hear the show when it was broadcast due to the gremlins out in the ether. …

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Jul 27 2016

August Progcast

Good day ladies and gentlemen. I am in the process of compiling my next Progcast which should go out into the ether next month (August 2016) I am slowly but surely gaining confidence as i don’t profess to be a professional broadcaster. I love combining contemporary music with classic prog and mainstream bands and artists …

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Apr 21 2016

Planning Progcast 2

  I am in the process of planning the second Progmeister Progcast. I will be sharing my views on all things Prog and other topics. I will be mixing it up a little too. If you have something new that you have for the world to listen too then please get in touch via the …

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