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Nov 29 2015

David Gilmour | Rattle That Lock

I came late to the party with regards to David Gilmour’s most recent outing Rattle That Lock having first dismissed it for numerous reasons. The first reason being that i simply contained the hallmarks of being On An Island part 2. No harm there is hear you say? Well yes and no! On An Island …

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Sep 21 2015

The Syn | Live At Rosfest

  I received this disc some weeks ago now from The Syn’s UK distributor and have not been able to post my review until now due to technical issues with the site. This in a way did me a favour as it give me even longer to fully assess this nicely packaged album which comes …

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Aug 25 2015

Colin Bass | At Wild End

  At Wild End Is the produce of a well co-ordinated pre-order campaign by Camel Bass man Colin Bass. Without doubt a gifted musician and producer Colin bass has a rich musical CV well earned and well deserved. At Wild End finds Colin taking a step back from his Camel persona and firmly entrenching himself …

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Aug 09 2015

Moraz Alban Project | Patric Moraz & Greg Alban

  This album landed at Progmeister towers all the way from the states courtesy of Glass Onion who send a broad church of material for us to review. Moraz Alban Project (MAP) is the collaboration of keyboard ace Patrick Moraz and drummer Greg Alban. Patrick Moraz is best known for his brief membership of Prog …

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Jul 28 2015

Canterbury Glass | Sacred Scenes And Characters

I was very fortunate recently to meet with Gordon Baldwin of Stamford Audio recently which due to my very pleasant surprise unearthed an enchanting musical experience.  Gordon and i were amidst conducting business when the subject of Prog came up during which he tantalized me with an album by a band he bet I’d never …

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Jun 17 2015

Yak | Quest For The Stones.

  Mmm, yes indeed. A title that does invoke a very Tolkein feel to it as does the art work of Yak’s latest production Quest For The Stones. A very humorous and what feels like a tongue in cheek jibe albeit a fond one at the older Prog idiom of which so many of us …

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Apr 28 2015

The Tangent | A Spark In The Aether

I consider The Tangent to be a phenomenon. A band that should be far more successful than they are depending on how you measure success. Perhaps it’s the honest and matter of fact Yorkshire delivery of of Tangent boss Andy Tillison who not only pens thought provoking non fantasy derived lyrics, he’s one hell of …

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Mar 26 2015

Steve Hackett | Wolflight

It’s great to see Steve Hackett returning to what he does best which is writing and recording great albums of original music. Especially after the grueling Genesis Revisited tours that must have been all consuming this past couple of years. Steve utilized the downtime in between the tours to write new material sometimes in the …

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