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Oct 05 2014

Genesis revelations – Together & apart

  My view of last nights Genesis documentary are already known to some. However, to the world my view is that too many omissions with regards to Steve Hackett’s huge body of solo work and his recent Genesis revisited work were nothing short of a scandal. It was good to see Mr Gabriel keeping Banks …

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Sep 15 2014

The Meister’s Prog Chronicles

  Rummaging in the attic recently i stumbled upon some old boxes that brought back many memories and emotions. Amongst the trinkets were some old concert programs, badges and ticket stubs from some of the most memorable gigs i attended over the years. It reaffirmed to me just how music chronicles your life and just …

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Jun 02 2014

RIP Kathleen Herring Petch 19:06:1930-02:06:2014

Very sad day indeed. Kathleen Herring Petch otherwise know to myself and my big sister as “me mam” passed away after losing her battle with cancer. It has been a distressing time for us and we couldn’t have coped without the team of angels administering round the clock care allowing mum to pass away in …

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Apr 01 2014

California Dreemin!

Mrs Meister recently attended a conference in LA and as i seriously needed to empty the contents of my cranium so i decided to travel with her for a mini break. I left all of my hardware such as mobile phone and laptop behind in the UK. Mmmm! how would i fair i asked myself? …

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Dec 28 2013

That was the year that was!

Well, 2013 has been and gone. What i predicted to be a great year of Prog did not disappoint. In what has been a very difficult year for me personally on so many levels i have found solace in music as opposed to alcohol and mind numbing sedatives. With a very troubled and emotional year …

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Nov 15 2013

Forty Years On 2013 has been a great Prog year.

2013 has been a very difficult year for me personally and one that will remain in my memory for many years to come. The one thing that has remained positive has been the world of Prog. Forty years on since the release of the most most influential albums that truly shaped the genre that many …

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Sep 07 2013

Return of The Progmeister!

  Many years ago shortly after Peter Gabriel left Genesis he decided that he wanted to simply retreat and grow cabbages. It was always something that stuck in my mind not realising at the time what on Earth would make someone feel that way. Shortly after I staged Promeister2 I had the same epiphany. I …

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May 19 2013

Cabernet Sauvignon, pizza and Prog on Stokesley high street.

I have attended a lot of gigs lately the most gratifying being Steve Hackett’s Genesis revisited II at The sage Gateshead. However, it is the most unsuspecting local events that sometimes put a smile on your face without having to travel too far from home and pay a kings Ransom to watch. One such show …

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