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Nov 22 2015

Return Of The Progmeister

For the majority of people who follow the Progmeister’s writings there may have been a wondering as to just why there hasn’t been any in put these past couple of months. Well, the reason’s are numerous not least though is the fact that the Progmeister site had been continually attacked by Malware and the American …

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Jun 19 2015

My modern adventures in Prog

  I was recently reflecting on something that The Tangent’s Andy Tillison once said to me about being part of what he described as “third wave”. This of course referred to the band being of the late 90’s to the present day wave of Prog bands. This caused further reflection right back to the roots …

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May 04 2015

The Snow Goose, The Progmeister and life itself

As i come to terms with being middle aged and all the things that go with it like stiff joints in the morning, not having as many teeth and having to take blood pressure tablets, i have started to reflect on the few things that have become constants in my life. I recently met up …

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Apr 15 2015

My Prog induced train set mentality

Professor Stephen Hawkin’s recent views expressed about social media, automated communications and the likes being the down fall of humanity may well have been dismissed by most as nothing more than the ramblings of a modern day sooth sayer. I myself thought his views were exaggerated and somewhat pompous, totally discounting the fact that he …

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Feb 19 2015

Malware, terrorists and WordPress

  Hi all. Well as you can see Progmeister is now back online. Scary times we live in and the images posted by the hacker and Isis sympathizer really brought it home how worrying the situation is. However, i was as frustrated with the hosting company as i was with the the hacker. Well over …

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Jan 08 2015

The Progmeister’s view

Yer a fickle old bugger aren’t yer? was the conclusion to a most recent music debate in our village pubarama. In many ways i suppose i am. However, given that i am only a man and do not have the natural resilience, dexterity, sense of logic and the ability to multi-task like so many of …

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Dec 31 2014

A very happy new year

  This will be my final post of 2014. Good riddens to it too. I have had a couple of personal tragedy’s and let let down my some. However, 2015 will be looked at as positive from here. Musically there are some great things to look forwards to. Paul Birchall has hinted at a new …

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Dec 13 2014

2014 | There it was, gone.

  On a personal level 2014 for me has been an Annus Horribilis as our noble queen once said. Though to quote local hero John Miles “music pulled me through”. Sometimes when things are hurting and dare i say it, skies are gray, it becomes easy to turn to things that may make you worse …

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