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Jun 17 2016

Andy Tillison | Durch

2015 was a very difficult year for Andy Tillison having suffered a heart attack and all that goes with it. However, being as determined as he is Andy set about writing and recording another album under his Diskdrive moniker. These albums are very personal and very much solo projects allowing Andy to indulge himself his …

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Jun 02 2016

Ray Wilson | Song For A Friend

Ray Wilson is known by his enlightened followers as a prolific songwriter and powerful singer. i would have to agree with that. Until the delivery at Meister Towers of Ray’s new album Song For A Friend i was one of the unenlightened. As quoted in the quality booklet included in this package Song For A …

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May 10 2016

Francis Dunnery | Vampires

I have some confessing to do here folks. Until recently i wasn’t sure who Francis Dunnery actually was. I had it in my head that he was a folky like Richard Thompson or the likes. Until that is that one of my musical colleagues who was insistent on me checking him out briefed me fully …

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May 04 2016

The Blockheads | The Studio, Hartlepool 30:04:16

It felt strange entering the Studio in Hartlepool having only been there once since i staged both of The Progmeister festival’s there a few years back. It appeared stark and almost youth club like compared to how it used to be. It amazes me that such an important music resource and hub isn’t better looked …

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May 02 2016

Yes | Newcastle City Hall 29:04:16

A cold Friday evening in Newcastle was a good reason to sit inside a warm Newcastle City Hall and watch one of prog’s leading and legendary bands Yes. Like other such bands of their generation they have recently suffered a huge loss in their ground braking bassist Chris Squire. It was humbling therefore to witness …

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Mar 28 2016

Big Big Train | Stone And Steel

A strange thing Karma? I was thinking to myself “i wonder when that Blu-ray i pre-ordered is going to turn up?”. Blow me when i got home there it was laying on the hall floor. Spooky! The Blu-ray to which i refer is the latest release by one of my favourite institutions Big Big Train. …

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Mar 12 2016

Keith Emerson

2016 has up until now been as the queen once put it an anus horribleous. As i write i am nursing the hangover from hell caused by receiving the news that my hero since the age of eleven years old has ended his life. In the world of progressive rock music the word legend and …

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Mar 11 2016

The Syn | Trustworks

Last year i was sent a batch of albums to review and amongst them was a live recording of a band that i had never heard of before, The Syn. Following a short spell of listening to it in the car i was compelled to listen to it properly in the home. The result was …

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