This year so far.

The most awful thing about Malware is that just like unproven insults and innuendo mus sticks. Even after being clear of it for over a year now the hackers all but destroyed my website and thanks to my friend Bob Mulvey who with the aid of his wife rebuilt, renamed and allowed me to continue with my passion. This has not come without casualties both in followers/readers but my conduit of suppliers who send me the new releases for review. It has been over 18 months since the devastating Cyber attack on the site though i am starting to see the first signs of trust and the rebuilding process starting to take shape. Just what drives individuals to inflict such things on others i don’t know though having recently being trolled by a Cyber bully i am well placed to form my as yet unshared opinions.

2017 has been a slow burn for be as a consequence with only a few new titles making there way to me, though a few new items of interest are starting to filter through. So keep your eyes peeled and also tune in to my monthly Progcast on ARFM Rock Radio where i get to play you some really good music new and old. I have noticed in the past however that January and February are usually a little slow with new releases. Having said that i am forging new contacts since the Cyber incident and i have some interesting music to share. Now that spring is upon us so are the first roots of new releases and exciting projects. Please keep the faith and keep sending me new muic and your views to

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