Genesis revelations – Together & apart



My view of last nights Genesis documentary are already known to some. However, to the world my view is that too many omissions with regards to Steve Hackett’s huge body of solo work and his recent Genesis revisited work were nothing short of a scandal. It was good to see Mr Gabriel keeping Banks in check though Tony Banks bitterness and lack of regard for Steve Hackett’s skill as a musician and writer made me quite furious. To the hardened Genesis devotee Steve Hackett will have emerged the better man. Not even a mention of Ray Wilson or indeed the bands last album WTF? Together and/or apart, better apart methinks. Having met Steve Hackett on numerous occasions i can confirm what a true gentleman he is and it is the mark of the man that he can still keep a civil tongue in his head. With regard to the rest of the band i thought Peter Gabriel seemed to be the only other positive one in the documentary. I was intrigued by the BBC’s choice of commentators too. I wonder what the criteria was for their selection. negativity aside i thoroughly enjoyed watching it and seeing the extra footage. I thought Brian Pern may have made an appearance at one stage being one f the best Genesis/Peter Gabriel parodies i have ever seen. Peter Gabriel’s too so I’m told.

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As many are aware, Progmeister operates a no negative policy and i am pleased to report that for long standing Genesis fans like myself the majority of the documentary was a joy to watch.  However, travesties and unfair representation was rife. As well as a palpable frost emanating from Mr Banks i noticed that Steve Hackett was even left out of frame on many of the group shots. Well then, nothing more than many of us already knew.  As an onlooker i wonder to myself if it is healthy knowing of the tension, bitterness, pride and prejudice between people whom we hold in such high regard. It can taint our view and make us think differently about people we have admired most of our adult life. Interesting, entertaining, revealing though i question it’s necessity sincerity.  Now, where did i put my ticket for the next Genesis revisited gig?



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