August Progcast

Good day ladies and gentlemen. I am in the process of compiling my next Progcast which should go out into the ether next month (August 2016) I am slowly but surely gaining confidence as i don’t profess to be a professional broadcaster. I love combining contemporary music with classic prog and mainstream bands and artists which seems to be going down well. However, i have not been getting any feedback via Nusakan Radio to let me know just how things are sounding either positive or negative. If you have an suggestions or you are in a band and wish to have your music played please get in touch via the contact page here at


I hope to have my playlist prepared for the August Progcast by the 13th so if you have anything which you may fit the bill for inclusion please let me know.


Please send feedback about the show so far to

or use the contact page here at                                                                                       Many thanks.Meisterhat

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