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Nine Stones Close - St Lo

Nine Stones Close – St Lo

A CD sized packaged from The Netherlands dropped onto my hall mat the other day and when i opened it there was a nicely presented disc within bearing the moniker Nine Stones Close. What a lucky boy i hear you say, having CD’s sent to him! The truth is, i knew it was coming. The man behind NSC is Ade Jones. I have heard Ade’s guitar work elsewhere and thought it was excellent.

I think it fair to describe this very dark sounding album as atmospheric prog metal. (Have i just invented a new genre? Atmospheric is just what it is. there is some fabulous pieces on this album  which at times can startle you if listened to as i did on headphones. Powerful chords can emanate from very dark, inky atmospheres and shock you back into reality. many of the tracks seem inspired by some kind of hospital or emergency event. This is not only evident by the actual effects in the various recordings, an elaborate thank you to all manner of medical personnel is contained within the slipcase notes.

As no track list was included i cannot indicate which tracks sounded like what other than a numerical reference. Therfore i will wait until i have such information. Being as i am a very safety concious lover of prog rock i would say that this album is for the adventurous and not for the more stayed. However, I found it a compelling listen. An album that although would benefit the employment of a more soulful singer gets it’s dark, moody message across very well.  Some nice big chords in there for the metalilc side of prog too.

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