Oct 14 2012

ReGenesis | Fibbers in York

ReGenesis Tony Patterson

ReGenesis Tony Patterson

When i say that ReGenesis are the best tribute band i have seen with regard to Genesis i mean this by quite a large margin and for a very good reason. Where as some other tribute acts throw thousands of pounds at getting everything as authentic as possible ( in some cases actually buying original props and stage sets ) to the point of perfection they lose out on the essence of the original music. This is where ReGenesis win head and shoulders above their peers. The gig last night ( Saturday 13th October 2012 ) at Fibbers in York was testament to this. The attention to detail wasn’t in the presentation or mimicking note perfect Messrs Gabriel, Banks, Hackett, Rutherford and Collins but the spirit of genesis as they actually would have been at the time of performing their early work.

Was there any surprises? there certainly was. With the tour being dubbed Foxtrot at forty it was obvious from the outset that the now famous album would be played in it’s entirety and it was. Getting things underway with Return Of The Giant Hogweed the band showed their mettle from the outset. The surprise came when the band thrust into a very entertaining rendition of harold The Barrel closely followed by Stagnation. The acoustic guitar playing throughout these early pieces were absolutely beautiful and added to the organic approach that ReGenesis have to reproducing classic and well loved Genesis pieces. The Musical Box was a joy and the first of the costume appearances with the old man mask. This added both humour and theatre to the proceedings which the crowd appreciated to the nth degree.

Doug Melbourne Boards man extaordinair

Doug Melbourne Boards man extaordinair

by the time the band got round to playing the Foxtrot set the crowd were well and truly warmed up and enjoying every second as be-told by the looks on their faces and the participation. many of them pre-empting lyrics and generally singing along. Watcher Of The Skies was played with aplomb as was the rest of the Foxtrot set. However, what captured my attention was can utility And The Coastliners which i thought absolutely staggering. Andy Gray’s crisp acoustic guitar heralding the chiming and haunting Horizons which in turn following a timekeeping pause lead the crowd all the way through the alll important Suppers Ready. Throughout Suppers Ready it is easy to become fixated on Tony Patterson’s costume changes, flute playing and of course singing. what struck me was the sheer power of the band and Doug Melbourne’s fluid keyboard playing.

ReGenesis 2012


Finishing such a fabulous set wasn’t going to let off without an encore and the waiting crowd were rewarded with The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Broadway Melody Of 1974 and I Know What I Like complete with tambourine antics. It was refreshing to see how well attended the gig was and spied a member of Mostly Autumn in the crowd singing along to his favourite songs. A fantastic evening which left a good feeling in my heart all the way home. It reminded me of just how good and innovating the early incarnation of Genesis was and in this very rare case i have to pay tribute to the tributee’s. I would suggest that if you didn’t get the chance to see Genesis at their peak i would heartily recommend you try and get to one of the remaining shows. Five star performance.

Set list…………

Return of the giant hogweed
Firth of fifth
Harold the Barrel
The musical box
The knife
Watcher of the skies
Time table
Get em out by Friday
Can utility and the coastliners
Suppers ready
Lamb- fly on a windshield
I know what I like.
Pictures courtesy of Brendan Eyre.
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