Progmeister's views

Please accept our apologies for the recent lack of input on the site by The Progmeister. It is said and it is true that sometimes life just gets in the way. Many of the day to day issues like work/life balance, health etc. have all conspired to prevent fresh updates. Coupled with our ethos of reporting on new releases and happenings which we find interesting and newsworthy, there has with some exceptions little about we wished to report.

On a positive note, a meeting took place recently between the Progmeister and a participant of the Progmeister festival to discuss possibilities of staging Progmeister2. Some ideas and matters of logistics were discussed and the seeds have been sewn. All we have to do is make it happen. Watch this space for regular updates. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions and ideas you may have for such an event. In the meantime, keep on progging!



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