A Prog Holiday in Wales with High End Audio

If you are considering a holiday break in Britain and like me a dyed in the wool Audiophile then why not consider this beautiful country house in beautiful welsh Wales http://www.llwynhelygcountryhouse.co.uk/contact.php

Fabulous looking gaff with a high end Hi-Fi system to die for. This appeals to me not only because the thought of being able to sit in front of an amazing system comprising of……..

  • Basis Gold Standard Turntable / SME V Tonearm / Koetsu 80th. Anniversary Cartridge.
  • Theta Data Basic Transport and Pro Gen V DAC.
  • Krell Reference Monoblock Preamps.
  • Krell Reference KRS200 Monoblock Power Amps.
  • Krell Reference FPB700 Power Amp (For Subwoofers).
  • Krell KBX Active Crossover.
  • Wilson Audio X1 GrandSlamm Series V Speakers.
  • Pair of Wilson Audio XS Subwoofers.
  • listeningroom

But because Caron and his good lady Fiona are both Prog fans who organise regular musical events at this fantastic country house and the thought of hearing some of my favourite Prog albums via the above audio tour de force is something i would be very excited about. If you are interested in staying give these guys a ring on 01558 668778 and tell them that The Progmeister sent you.

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