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Citizens Of Hope And Glory – Stephen Lambe

  From the outset i both enjoyed and despised this splendid publication as it is the book that i would love have written myself. The book is well researched, presented and concise. It is very pleasing to read fact and opinion without the usual high brow references to the pomposity and eccentricities of Prog. This …

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Beyond and Before: Progressive Rock Since The 1960’s

This is a brilliant new book named after the opening track on the first Yes album which tracks progressive rock, from its roots which go further back than psychedelia and the late 60s blues boom to its 70s loon panted heyday.
The book also c…

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Mountains Come Out Of The Sky

  The illustrated history of prog rock by Will Romano This book is a large format full colour size guide to prog rock past and present. Most of the bands featured in the book the diehard aficionado will know and love but there are sections on Kraut rock, the Canterbury scene, Italian prog and prog …

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Prophets & Sages Book Review

Prophets & Sages: An illustrated guide to underground and progressive rock 1967-1975 by Mark Powell.

A petfect reference book for anyone interested in this very productive and musically rich musical ers. Printed in black and white with a colour …

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