Leap Day | Awakening The Muse


Every now and again a little gem comes your way. A few weeks ago i recieved a consignment of discs from an old friend of mine which included a CD by a Dutch band called Leap day. Their debut album entitled “Awakening The Muse” is quite simply wonderful.

Some of the tracks from the album take a little longer to sink in, though some are instantly lovable and you will find yourself humming them soon after listening.  Of these instantly lovable tracks i would site “What Would You Do”, ” Secret Gardener” and “Eyes Wide Open” as stand out songs that draw in the listener. Gert Van Engelenberg’s keyboard work is terrific as is Eddie Mulder’s gripping guitar. in fact the musician’s who appear on this album are all of the very highest quality.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone who enjoys Camel, Pink Floyd and the older stadards of prog should order a copy of this album. The album comes beautifully packaged with some great artwork.Sit back and enjoy the muse.


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