Reflection, the best medicine.

Trying times, we are living in brothers and sisters. Like everyone in the world I suffer the same uncertainties, worries and concerns imposed by this unseen foe and the management of it. Living through the financial difficulties whilst trying to filter out fact from conspiracy is certainly taking its toll. Unable to get elaborate dental treatment and suffering horrendous insomnia does not a happy boy make. In may despair I have developed some coping mechanisms. Apart from immersing myself in music and nature I have started to use reflection as part of my self-imposed therapy. A recent visit to a major city was a stark reminder of just how bleak things are and how many people’s lives have been affected. In contrast to professional advice which is look to a brighter future which I am finding it harder to do by the day, my refection method seems to work for me better. Last summer i was having lunch in The Hamptons with family and looking forwards to festivals and gigs, it is these memories i care to revisit rather than deal with the reality of what is going on. Plenty of time for that methinks.

The many things that make up the constellation of stars in our own private universe are a powerful entity. With meditation and selecting positive memories no matter what they are you can halt the feelings of wandering down dark ally’s to nowhere. I am enjoying music more as a result and rain or shine I am reaching out with an open mind and regularly stand barefoot on grass and earth. Yes, I can hear you sigh, he’s finally lost it? Please don’t think I have lost my persona in the merry dew. I am still intact emotionally though only just. I still love my scotch and tucking into a chicken curry. I’m not sure whether or not it is age related but I am developing a much wider appreciation of things I have taken for granted all of my life. Walking in local wetlands and watching wildlife and trees with an industrial backdrop has allowed me to appreciate both in equal measures.

As I write this I was supposed to be in New Zealand, instead so far this year I have had three days away in the lakes, a stark contrast from such a huge adventure. I am however, very grateful as many folks haven’t even had that! Whilst staying in the lakes I wondered at the marvel of the beauty and splendor and such Mundane things as the urinals in the hotel toilet. A feat of Victorian engineering and styling. Such things bring out the urban explorer and even the steam punk in me. Such things keep me amused and appreciative of the past. Before such things as lockdowns and track and trace. Both of these things lend a dystopian atmosphere to life which is something I will be including in my net radio show.  Progressive music has the subject covered perfectly. In the meantime, I shall get back to listening to the new Flower King’s album whilst drinking Rington’s and consuming coconut macaroons. Rock n roll eh? I have a week or two off work and been told I have to relax. Tell me, just how does one do that? Stay safe folks and stay tuned. My next show is Sunday 8th November at 6pm-8pm on  I hope you can join me?

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