January 2018 Progcast

First Progcast of 2018 happens on Sunday 28th January at 2pm – 4pm.  Running the gamut this month will be music from 1968 until yet unreleased debut album from Russian pianist Gleb Kolyadin and many periods in between. As well as the usual traditional Prog i will be spinning some jazz fusion pop and some hard to pigeon hole tunes too,  so tune in kick off yer daisy’s and chill for a couple of hours. Please forgive my somewhat congested nasal passages as i have been one of the many folks who contracted the type B strain of flu which as fellow sufferers will know is a doosy!

So, instead of me announcing all o fthe bands/artistes and songs i will be playing, why not make your way to ARFM Rock radio on Sunday afternoon? click on play at 2pm, shelter from the cold and gloom whilst immersing yourself in the Progmeister’s Progcast. You know it makes sense.

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